How to Change Your Reality With Daily Actions

โ€™Big changes start with small steps โ€œ

Yes it is in human nature to be afraid of the change. Deep down we all know why is that. Getting out from our comfort zone it is certainly not easy. Not many people is enjoying in it. Why do I have to quit this job which is paying my bills and keeps me โ€˜safeโ€™? Why do we have to change the jobs at all? How about partners? And friends?

All of this ends up with the same reason. We are afraid of the change. Of the something new could happen to us in a negative way. We are afraid of getting hurt.

To turn this around we have to truly understand how the cycle works. It is crucial to understand the matter of self-growth and education.


We grow daily by working, learning and doing the things we like and the things we donโ€™t like and we donโ€™t feel comfortable with.

Challenge yourself to do once a day or at least once a week one thing you are afraid of or you donโ€™t feel comfortable doing it. Once you start doing it your confidence level will start growing and finally you will start feeling good in your skin by knowing you are capable of doing it. Start journaling. Record every progress. Start Today.


This is where most of the people fail and give up before seeing results. You need to understand that results will not come overnight. Big dedication is needed, optimism and a discipline . Success comes from the things you do daily. What you do daily is more important than what you do occasionally. With that being said results are guaranteed and will come at the right time.


This is very effective and it is a ‘must’ in process of achieving any kind of the goals. Plan your week ahead, use planner or journal and decide what will you do each day and what actions will bring you to the place you want to be. Don’t let any of your days to be ‘wasted’ and use your time wisely.


The last but not least is to ensure you enjoy along the road. Every day is a new beginning and feel privileged to have a chance to change something and do differently. It is never too late to start over and have a new dreams and goals.

I hope this post inspire you and stimulate you to start today with creating your perfect life.

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Until tomorrow, stay amazing !

Zorana XX