Biggest Changes: Life update

Happy Saturday! It has been a long time since my last post. Many changes happened to me & want to share it with you.

Moving to another continent

As you all know I was born and raised in Serbia, located in Europe. Since 2016 I was working abroad and traveling the world. Somehow I always knew I would live somewhere else…but never thought that would be Africa. But never say never.

My boyfriend, then fiancรฉ… now husband, Michael, was born and raised in Namibia. Far away from Europe & Africa, we met in Miami, US. Nothing else, but destiny. Our love story is so magical and the fact we went through so much together and stayed together, makes me so grateful each day.

Opening of the coffee shop…

Since we started dating we knew we want our own business and we worked so hard towards that. Covid 19 happened last year and slowed down our plans. A year after we were planning on opening of our coffee shop & bistro -we opened it. Each day I believe more and more that dreams do come true and all obstacles that happen to you- it happens for the best.

Getting married to the man of my dreams…

Last but biggest change that happened- I married the man of my dreams. I always knew and believed I will meet him. We are so ready to continue our life together being young entrepreneurs and in love every day more.

Never stop dreaming.

Never settle for less than you deserve.

Each day work on yourself and never stop learning.

Thank you for reading & let me know what would you like me to write about next.

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