Original Outstanding Blogger Award

I am really happy to announce that I have been nominated for an original outstanding bloggersย  titleย byย Intrinsicworldย  and do check out her beautiful blog
This award is created byย Colton Beckwith.ย and this is theย original post.

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Q & A

1.During lockdown,what skills or any activities you learned?

I have definitely mastered cooking. ๐Ÿ™‚

2. Whom you admire the most and why?

To all successful people who have managed to make a perfect balance between social life, family & work. I truly believe that we can have it all and I am working on it in my life.

3.What resolution you are going to take for the new year?

Sometimes I am lacking in consistency so I would say that I will work hard on it.

4.If you like traveling, which place you liked the most?

Honestly I have travelled so so much and it is very hard to choose only one place. I will tell you my top 3: Vienna (Austria), Miami (Florida) and Windhoek( Namibia) where I currently live.

5. How happy are you today?

In general I am happy person. However I tend to have ‘not so happy’ days as well. Then I remind myself all the things I am grateful for and suddenly I am happy again.

6.A quality which you received from your ancestor?

Love and care for the animals.

7.What you like- watching movies or reading books?

It depends on my mood but recently I prefer watching movies.

My Nominees

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My Questions To You

  1. What is your definition of success?
  2. What is your favourite movie?
  3. How would you describe the year 2020 in 3 words?
  4. New Years resolutions ?
  5. What is your biggest fear?
  6. Who is your idol and why ?
  7. Top 3 favourite places to be ?

Thank you so much for reading & stay safe .

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