Monday Fever: 4 Ways To Deal With it

Do you, like a lot of other people, suffer from ‘Monday fever‘ and you just can’t find the way to deal with ? Are you living your life just to’ live’  and waiting for Friday to be happy? Well, that is the sign you must change something. The present is the most important stage to be and the only way to have real happiness.

On Monday morning you are having thoughts that you hate your life, you feel grumpy, unhappy…But let’s dig deeper. Do you actually love your job? Do you love the life you live? If the answer is as ‘NO’ let’s review 4 ways and options how we can change it.


Remember, it always sounds impossible until is done. Firstly, start changing thoughts about Monday. It has so many positive aspects. Monday is a new day of the week. It is a fresh start. It is our chance to change something and start something new. Make some goals, targets for the upcoming week, and stick to it.


What would you do on Monday if you knew it is your last one? I know this sounds scary but I hope it makes you think about life. We should never take any day for granted. Remember there are people who will not see the next Monday. Why waste it? Make yourself aware of how lucky you are to open your eyes to one more beautiful day and live it to the fullest.


We are aware of fake ‘Monday resolutions’ right? “On Monday I will start exercising ” or ” on Monday I will start saving up” and we know that this ends before Monday finishes. To avoid this use a journal to plan your week ahead and stick to it. Nobody can do it other than you. Your whole life is in your hands and you can make it delightful. Dedication and discipline are key to success in all life areas.


Each time I feel unhappy I would immediately think of the things I am grateful for and change my vibe instantly. You can’t complain about life and expect life to get better. It goes another way around. You must feel happy and grateful now to get the life you want. Make sense?

In a conclusion, Monday is a phenomenal day and the start of something new. Therefore love Monday and soon you will live each day in a week equally.

How do you deal with ‘Monday fever’?

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Stay safe & positive

Happy Monday!

Zorana X