No One Loves You ? Find Out Why

Love is a big word . And maybe the most important in our lives . Love from parents, siblings , partners, kids, self-love. Now deep down which one do you think is the most important ?

Nowadays we see very often unhappy faces walking around, people who are compering with their friends, kids and even partners. On a scale from 1 to 10 how often do you see this in your surroundings or even how often do you compare yourself with others?

Many of the people are feeling extremely unlovable and the actual route of this problem comes from lack of self- love.

Why we don’t love ourselves ?

If you are in the stage of the life where you just can’t succeed or you don’t have the partner you always dreamt of, or you are currently not in the place you thought you would be – all this guides to possibly loosing your self-worth .

What are the reasons ?

This could vary but most of the times comes from our early childhood . If you grew up with more siblings there is a big possibility that your parents were comparing you all. If your brother or sister would do something better they would praise them and isolate you . Even in the schools sometimes teachers give attentions to other kids and forget to praise the rest when they do well. Also comparing with the friends is a toxic as well for the self love . In general nowadays where we have social medias and when we see everyone living ‘perfect lives’ on the platform it make the humans feel bad. This is why is so important to know who we are and to know that happy faces can carry a lot of sadness and we never know what is’behind the closed door’ therefore we should never judge others and compare with them .

Rejections- Often we get rejected during our lives and you have to understand that it’s not only happening to you. Remember it’s all about perspective and you decide how will you look on that . Majority of people take rejections very personal and they stop trying. Well this is certainly not to way to success . Strong personalities know how to bounce back from rejection and keep trying and doing it because one opinion between the millions in your city or country does not mean anything .Say ‘Thank you ‘ on every rejection and come back double stronger .

So why no one loves me ?

To give an answer on the topic question : No one will be able to truly love you if You don’t love yourself first . You need to stop criticise and being hard on yourself . You need to learn how to love yourself and put your needs before others. You need to simple be there for yourself.

How can I learn of self-love ?

I am not gonna lie -this will be hard work. But every step you take towards self acceptance will bring you to the most beautiful place . The world around you will start changing and you will feel the joy inside you and that you are worth it every magnificent thing on this earth. Here is few tips on how to start your self-love journey :

  1. Meditation– I will always say this as first association because during the meditation you will be able to get to know yourself and finally discover who you really are. 10-15 minutes a day will be enough to become this magical journey.
  2. Exercise -To take care of your body is essential for health, inner piece and confidence . If you are not really into sports you don’t have to do it for hours ! Do it 20 min a day or pick 3 days in a week when you will have a time to take longer exercise . I promise you this little things will change your perspective and boost your self-worth.
  3. Positive affirmations – I have wrote the whole blog post about the positive affirmations and i will link it below. Start your day with this, end your day and see how you are transforming.

4. Find the time for yourself – This is very important and it gives you the chance to be who you really are and do the things you are enjoying it. Dance, have a walk, play with your dog, pamper yourself, cancel everything if you feel like … Anything what makes you happy.

I hope this post finds you well and please make sure you comment below and share it if you think it will help someone . Until tomorrow stay safe and love yourself ! ๐Ÿ™‚