Top 5 ‘vacation destinations’ in Europe

Summer is coming and we are already thinking about the places we can visit andย  where to spent our vacation. Here is my TOP LIST, places where I’ve been and definitely will visit again andย  from my “summer bucket list” .

GREECE – This country is one of my favorite to go. Every time I’ve been here it was absolutely blast. National food, music, surrounded with Aegean and Ionian sea and every place you chose it will be amazing, everywhere is different, however my suggestion for Greece would be Mykonos and Santorini.ย santorini-view

CROATIA –ย This country is close to my home but somehow I’ve been there only once. Iย  have visited Dubrovnik and completely fell in love with this city.ย  Beautiful Adriatic sea , Old city of Dubrovnik, it is also a port so cruise ships are visiting this city very often. There is a lot of things to do and visit , just made for a completely wonderful vacation.ย 00-lede-dubrovnik-croatia-travel-guide

My next choice is CADIZ – city in southern Spain. It is located in Andalucรญa. City is a combination of modern and traditional, surrounded with a large beaches, restaurants everywhere and downtown located in the “old town”. cadiz

ISOLA D’ELBAย – This magical place deserves to be in my ‘top 5’ definitely. In a case you never heard for this city, it isย  an island located in the Tuscany-ย  Italy.ย  It is the 3rd largest island after Sicily and Sardinia.ย . It is located in the Tyrrhenian Sea about 50km east of the French island of Corsica. I fell in love with Elba because of amazing demography, beautiful views and lovely beaches everywhere around.ย Toscane-1

THE GULF OF KOTOR- MONTENEGROย – Definitely should be on your Bucket list, after you see picture bellow you will realize why. Blue Adriatic sea surrounded with the beautiful mountainsย  around giving us this stunningย  view. It is becoming popular destinations every year,ย  I am sure it will become soon one of the most visited world destinations.ย Bay-of-Kotor-Montenegro-770x430kotor-montenegro

Thank you for reading, you are more then welcome to give your opinion. Until next time, stay amazing XX