Greece : Top 5 โ€˜Must Visitโ€™ Vacation Places

In this pandemic where the whole world is facing the same – I hope you are holding up and keep being positive and healthy. We all know tourism is facing the biggest challenges in the history and the travels / vacations might be delayed however one day soon we will go back to normal lives . Certainly one of my favorite countries ever vacation vise is Greece and I am very passionate about it – this is the country I could go back over again . We all have heard of absolutely stunning Mykonos and Santorini however I want to introduce you my favorites which are not featured enough. Here comes top 5 cities you must visit if Greece is on your bucket list.

1. Parga – This city is located in the northwestern Greece and itโ€™s surrounded with Ionian sea. I have spent 10 days in this paradise and had a total blast . Very unique place, calming and stunning. Over 3 beautiful beaches with the bar and the restaurant as well as small shopping street full of tourists. You have it all: beautiful beaches, good food and if you are adventurer there is many places to explore .

2. Sarti- This is absolutely beautiful place if you are looking for a long sandy beaches and pure relaxation. It is family place for parents with children as well as older generations are choosing it mostly. Sarti is known as a village and located in Sithonia . Have a look how beautiful it is .

3. Corfu- It is a large island with historic sites, including city & temple ruins, plus museums, resorts & beaches. It is also a port for many cruise ships and with that being said it is full of tourists. Many things to see and definitely 10 days of vacation and would be combination of beaches and exploring of historical places .

4. Thasos- Located in the Aegean Sea Greek island with beautiful beaches, hiking paths & mountainous quaint villages. Beautiful place for the families, friends and couples.

5. Skiathos- Last but not least is an island in the northwest Aegean Sea, is part of the Sporades archipelago. Itโ€™s best known for its beaches and youth-driven nightlife scene. The action centers around Skiathos Town, where bars and restaurants spill onto sidewalks along the old harbor and Papadiamanti street, the main pedestrian thoroughfare. Between town and the airport are many open-air, waterfront clubs.

Overall summary of Greece is 10 out of 10 and as I have already mentioned I will go back again. Thank you so much for reading and looking forward for your feedback .

Until next post. Stay safe xx