Life Update: Moved to Another Continent

Hello beautiful people ! Maybe you have noticed that I haveโ€™t been active lately however there is a reason for it…I finally have moved to Afrika from Europe (Serbia)

2020 year has been definitely the most challenging year where I have learned so much about the patience. I have been 7 months separated from my boyfriend and without the โ€˜ real job due to COVID 19. This definitely have mixed up all our business and personal plans however it is finally happening and one more thing I have learned is to never give up from your dreams.

My focus was never been on the โ€˜badโ€™ things happening in the world but on all good we have and we are surrounded by. And I knew this moment will come.

Starting from today I will keep up with my blog regularly publishing posts daily and focus on travel & self-growth topics.

Until my next post stay safe & follow your dreams โค๏ธ

Zorana Xx