How I Grew Pinterest from 0 to 250k Monthly Unique Viewers in 1 Month

Everything is Possible

Probably if someone told me few months ago that the Pinterest is so valuable for a blog, I wouldnโ€™t believe it. Once I have decided to recover my blog and make the impact, I was spending the days reading the internet about all techniques and ways to promote it. Pinterest was on top of the list for every blogger so I decided to make an business account and connect to my blog.

Fast Growth

In less then 2 months my Pinterest hit 253k monthly unique viewers. I was shocked how quick was it as I was reading many blogs and stories how bloggers take much longer to reach that number. Did I do something differently or I was just lucky? I like to believe it is a hard work and dedication. Today, my blog has the biggest amount of organic traffic comes not from Google (not yet) but Pinterest.

You Can Do It Too


Every time you post something, you must ensure it is beautiful. Pinterest is somehow so popular and people who are exploring it will most likely click on your pictures if they are โ€˜attractiveโ€™ to click. Therefore ensure to use canva with Pinterest pins as they have unlimited number of pictures and plenty of inspiration.


Each time you post pictures it is crucial to write descriptions of them -otherwise it will be hard to be found. Make sure to write attractive description so people can be curious about the topic and click on the link to visit and read your blog.

3. 3:1 TACTIC

One post you write on blog equals to 3 pictures you post. The point is to post 3 different pictures: I normally do 2 aesthetic ones and 1 made in canva. Then you can see and track the views and click so you will know what goes the best.


Ensure to engage with other bloggers on the social media. Follow, comment and you can even request for group boards where you will post together with the rest of the bloggers which will give you transparency.

I hope I helped you and gave you some instant idea and inspiration to start your journey with Pinterest. 80% of my blog traffic is coming from it. It is worth of starting and if you follow there steps you will be able to grow quick.

Do you use Pinterest?

Please let me know & If you have any questions

Stay safe X