Discover Grand Cayman Island

Hello guys ! Are you feeling great today? Hope you do !

Here is aย review from the Caribbean island named Grand Cayman. Capital city is George Town.

Have you ever been here before? If you did,ย you will agree with me that isย a paradise on the earth.ย You have literally everythingย on this island.ย ย ย Amazing resorts where you can stay, all kind of restaurants- there is a local ones, Italian, Chinese, Mexican as well.

If you like to shop, you will find all kind of ย shops and makeup as well.

But, the most popular place in Grand Cayman is ‘7 mile beach’ย . It is a white sand with the most beautiful sea water you can imagine. Bars are all the way around on the beach, restaurants as well, so you can enjoy in nice lunch and cocktails.ย Ifย you are fan of ย adrenalin sports, there is a sky diving, scuba diving, parasailing, local excursions, swimming with dolphins or stingraysย ย …just everything.

If you consider visiting Caribbean islands, Iย amย warmly suggestingย Grand Cayman, it is definitely one of my favorite andย most beautiful place.ย img_0940img_0941GCM-Grand-CaymanDSC_1063

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