The Power of Vision Board

A long time ago in 2016, I had discovered something called the law of attraction. I donโ€™t know how exactly I got there, but I remember I was on a turning point in my life, trying to change my life for the better and start living my dreams.

Law of Attraction

Googling and searching for hope, somehow I got on the page of the documentary movie โ€˜The secretโ€™. I will always remember how powerful that was and an eye-opening experience. By today in 2021 I am pretty sure that majority of the people have heard of it and realized how powerful it is. Unfortunately not everyone believes in it and you can notice it by the life they live.

Vision Board

What is actually the famous vision board? This is something what represent your goals and your beliefs. It can be done on so many ways, an actual vision board or phone- version of it. The point is to find something what inspires you, goals you want to achieve, pin the picture of it, affirmations, and ensure you remind yourself daily of it- and the most important: act as you already have it.

Source: Pinterest

My vision board story

A few days ago I found my โ€˜magic bookโ€™ where I use to write my visions and goals in โ€˜present tenseโ€™ as I truly and with all my heart believed that I will achieve it. The best thing is once I opened I realized 80% of my dreams already came true. Is it just a coincidence or luck? I believe itโ€™s work towards my goals, focus on my vision, and keeping myself inspired along the way.

Start Today

I encourage you to start today and test it yourself. You have nothing to lose, the only thing you need is faith and beliefs about your dreams and vision.

It can happen everything you dream about and it will happen if you believe in it and work on your goals.

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