Safari Adventure in Namibia

Safari Adventure

Namibia is a sunny country with high temperatures and friendly people. It is the country which has it all: Namib desert, Atlantic ocean side, North riverside, Safari National parks. Once you visit Namibia, you always wish to come back. It is a popular tourist country therefore safari adventure in Namibia is one of the favorite things to do while on vacation.

Experience With Wild Animals

This is actually the best part. All these animals which you see on Animal Planet & National Geography- you are able to see during the safari. Sometimes you must go two days in a row to actually spot all of them as they are all around the national parks. There is no guarantee provided that you will see them in one day. I guess that is what makes the safari adventure in Namibia so interesting and unpredictable.


In Namibia, there is a huge number of standard and luxurious lodges around. So far I have stayed in a total of 3 lodges and today I will represent one of them. They are all stunning and so different in their own way.

Mahangu Safari Lodge

This beautiful lodge is cozy accommodation next to the river Kavango where you can choose between tents or bungalows, garden/ river view. Just across this river is a national park so from our room and balcony we had a chance to see the elephants, hippos, crocodiles, buffaloes and all different impalas family.

Breakfast and dinner are served on the beautiful terrace with a river view. Also the lodge offers breakfast and dinner served on the boat while you are cruising through the river.

Below are the pictures from the Lodge accommodation and the National park.

Mahangu  safari lodge
Mahangu safari lodge
Mahangu safari lodge
Mahangu  safari lodge

Friday and Saturday we spent in the national parks driving around to see the animals. We were so lucky to see hundreds of elephants together and spot giraffes and zebras .Safari is definitely one of my favorite adventures as it is very unpredictable as animals are moving all the time and there is the times where you can see much but also if you keep searching you will find this amazing views.

Safari in Namibia
Wild life in Namibia
Elephants in Namibia
Safari adventure in Namibia
Hippos in Namibia

Have you ever been in Namibia ?

Thank you for reading & stay safe

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