Happy Sunday: Christmas Inspiration

Christmas Spirit

We are in December and only have 3 weeks to Christmas. Are you feeling festive? Joyful? Did you decorate your home?

I am about to decorate & have found these beautiful inspirations on Pinterest and want to share it with you.

Cold or Warm Christmas?

Are you staying in cold places for Christmas or you prefer a warm and beach Christmas type? When it comes to me I was born and raised in Europe so our Christmas reminds me of cold weather, snow, the fire inside the houses, and Christmas cookies.

Family Time

Christmas is the time of year where we should be with our loved ones, ensure we remind ourselves how blessed with are with the life we have, and learn how to forgive. Life is too short to spend angry or the way we donโ€™t want it. Take control of your life and โ€˜decorateโ€™ the way you want.


Christmas tree
Christmas kitchen decor
Christmas bedroom decorations
Kitchen Christmas decorations
Christmas cookies

Thank you so much for visiting & Happy Sunday

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Zorana BV

Hello ! My name is Zorana. I am coming from one beautiful country named Serbia . If you never heard before, it is in South-East Europe ๐Ÿ™‚ I am 25 years old and currently traveling & working. I am in love with the travels, all kind of beauty, makeup, inspiring books, fashion. I like to writte, often a thinker and business mind oriented. I am big hedonist, enjoying in life, and spending my time suronded with great people.

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