Get Paid to Do What You Love

Hmmm, how this sounds to you ? Reachable or not ? Realistic or not so ? Lately I have been following Marisa Peer who I found very inspirational and my journal is full of notes and wisdom I will be sharing with you .

Many of us have an amazing idea or a dream job but in reality we don’t know how to monetise it .Did you know that 80% of financial success is mindset ?

To monetise yourself you need 3 things :

1.Mindset that says “I am going to make it. I deserve to make it It is not enough to only have a dream and sit at home and visualise it . Once you have the right mindset and set your goals – you need to take an action and work on them .

2. You must have work ethic

The best plan in the world won’t work if you don’t. Imagine the writer who finishes his book but never have courage to publish. Will it work ? Absolutely not . If we take a writer as example, writing the book is possibly the easiest thing – he would need to put an extra wok to publish and then promote, connect with the people, do the reading etc. So as you can see being successful it is not easy for sure, but if it was easy anyone would do it right? Now, you might have an idea of what would you like it but there is a fear because of that already existing or someone else invented it already . So what ? Some most successful businesses people didn’t invent anything new but guess what , they took already existing thing and improved it and made it better . They were paid double more and had success . The point is everything is possible once you decide to follow your goals, dedicate and work hard for it . Your potential expands as you move towards your goals .

3. Keep using the mindset of success and remind yourself you are worth it

Nothing can’t come to you if you are not feeling like you are worth it. Not love, health, happiness, success or money . Self- love and self- acceptance brings you to the confidence that helps you to achieve your goals. Remember that you will be rejected many times and that is the part of the self-growth . Did you know that J.K. Rowling was rejected 12 times before she published her books where she experienced massive worldwide success with ‘Harry Potter ” . Did she stop herself after a first rejection ? No ! She bounced back from rejection and kept self confidence that she can do it because she knew she was worth it .

To sum up all together we all need determination, self acceptance and work ethic to succeed. All of us were born with the mission to serve and enjoy in it. We were not born to work the job we don’t like and than die. We are more than that . Find your purpose and make your dream life from it .

Thank you so much for reading . If you liked this post comment below and let me know and share if you think it will help someone . And if you are first reading my blog – welcome !! am happy to connect with you ๐Ÿ™‚

Untill next post , stay safe Xx


9 responses to “Get Paid to Do What You Love”

  1. I really enjoyed reading this for the reason that I needed this ๐Ÿ˜„. Iโ€™m so afraid to go after what I want, and I easily get unmotivated when I donโ€™t see the result that I want, when Iโ€™m basically just in the early part of the work ๐Ÿ˜…

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    • Hi Joana, thank you for reading ๐Ÿ™‚ I am always for that to go after you want.. If you are still doubting ask yourself what is the worst thing could actually happen ? Soon after you will realize that is all in our minds . Go for it ๐Ÿ™‚


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