Sunsets| 4 Magical moments

Hello lovelies,

Sharing with you 4 magical sunsets which was captured back on the Atlantic Ocean. I have it full collection of it but this ones are my favorite. Here is why .

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Zorana BV

Hello ! My name is Zorana. I am coming from one beautiful country named Serbia . If you never heard before, it is in South-East Europe ๐Ÿ™‚ I am 25 years old and currently traveling & working. I am in love with the travels, all kind of beauty, makeup, inspiring books, fashion. I like to writte, often a thinker and business mind oriented. I am big hedonist, enjoying in life, and spending my time suronded with great people.

7 thoughts on “Sunsets| 4 Magical moments”

  1. The cruise industry is back in business? I’ve noticed in Weymouth bay, Dorset, the number of cruise ships has gone down from 7 to 3. Saw one of them firing-up their engines yesterday. Lots of cruise ships were anchored in Portland harbour (outside, outer Portland harbour) because Southamptom was full. This is good news, people are starting to take cruises and get out (wising-up ti the fear-mongering).

    Sod ‘social distancing’, the bloody English are spooked by their media. There’s no scientific reason for it, if there was why do some countries have a 1 meter, some a 1.5 meter and some a 2 meter rule? The truth is for the healthy under 60’s the risks of covid 19 or no worse than a bad flu. This is encouraging, this is evidence that this is realised.


    1. Hello,
      Cruise industry is not back in business yet and the pictures I posted were taken back in November/ December. They will be back in September/ October/ November depending on locations in the world.


      1. Why not question the lockdown and social distancing measures? What’s he science behind it? The news ‘the science’ but which science? What’s the rationale. It’s ALL hospitality business and career paths that have been hindered/ruined by medieval-style panic measures. No time in the history of civilisation has society been shut down on this scale.


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