Elemis ? Yes please!!

Hello beauties !! I hope you are spending your day/evening amazing and peaceful ๐Ÿ™‚

Today I will write about Elemis Brand ! Have you already familiar with it ?

Elemis is luxurious cosmetic for body and face coming from London .

Years and years I was searching for the right cosmetic for my face , whatever I tried it was just not good enough. After many years I have discovered amazing Elemis . Bellow see my top 5 favorite products so far :

  1. Peptide4ย  night recovery oil – it will literally recover your skin over night! After cleansed skin you will apply and take a beauty sleep ๐Ÿ™‚ In the morning skin feels soft, replenished and more smooth. Absolutely amazing !!p4nrco_xx_master_v01_rgb_web
  2. Dynamic resurfacing gel mask –ย If you do have problematic skin , acne, scars, this is the right thing for you. It has smoothing effect, restore even skin tone and it is anti-aging. I am using it once a week to maintain my skin and must say my face looks fabulous after it . It comes also with other skin products as night cream, facial wash, day cream, serum..dynamic-resurfacing-gel-mask
  3. Frangipani Monoi body oil –ย First reason i like this product-smells absolutely phenomenal . It does great job for the dry skin, hair, scalp, nails. It is made from Frangipani flower and coconut oil and delivers the best nourishment I have ever tried.ย  frangipani-monoi-body-oil_100_rgb_web
  4. Lime and Ginger saltย  glow-ย Well in order to keep our skin healthy and glowing, we need to exfoliate once a week and remove dead skin cells. I find this perfect for me, make my skin instantly soft and definitely glowing. Love it ! lime-_-ginger-salt-glow_490_rgb_web
  5. Absolute eye maskย – Anybody here with dark circles, puffy eyes?? Me too!ย  This mask is saving my day ! Nourishes, revitalizes and removes dark circles. I am using itย  3 times a week for the best benefits and seeing the huge difference. 00260_elemis_absolute_eye_mask_30mlIf you have any comments or you already tried these products or something different please go ahead and comment and tell me your experience ! Thank you so much for reading and stay tuned for more! xoxo

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Zorana BV

Hello ! My name is Zorana. I am coming from one beautiful country named Serbia . If you never heard before, it is in South-East Europe ๐Ÿ™‚ I am 25 years old and currently traveling & working. I am in love with the travels, all kind of beauty, makeup, inspiring books, fashion. I like to writte, often a thinker and business mind oriented. I am big hedonist, enjoying in life, and spending my time suronded with great people.

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