From Namibia with Love

Hello lovelies, how are doing today ? I hope you are having fabulous day no matter where you are located in this colourful world.

I am back with my part 2 Namibian vacation. As i have already mentioned in my previous blog I have spent end of December 2019/ January 2020 in this beautiful sunny country . The capital city is stunning Windhoek.

I certainly love to travel the world however Namibia was never on my bucket list before I have met my boyfriend . Now, after I have visited many places across the country I can say that Namibia is the country i would go back again and again.

One of my favourite cities is Swakopmund. This city is located on the coast with Atlantic ocean and Namibian desert . It is very seasonal and during the Christmas holidays when is summer in Namibia this city is full of tourists . It offers stunning views from the desert, drive through it and riding camels, beaches and amazing beach-restaurants, shopping and many accommodations where you can stay .  img_8305img_8375



My second favorite thing in Namibia is that they have so many safari lodges where you can have weekend gateway of proper vacation.

Second lodge we went is Namushasha River Lodge .

It is located on the north very close to the border with Botswana.

I was very excited for this vacation as this lodge offers everything. Breakfast and dinner plus lunch from menu to order . It offers river sundown cruises where you can see hippos in the water. Stunning pool is there where guests can come and relax as well as huge terrace where we watched popular Namibian sunsets. Not far away from the lodge is National Park where we drove with our car and seen so many wild animals.

My picture diary from Namushasha is below and you are more than welcome to post additional questions.

If you are doubting visiting Namibia or not – my best advice to you is to go ahead and have memorable adventures in this country.

From Namibia with Love, Zorana XX


Safari in Africa

Hello beautiful people how are you doing today ? Are you ready for safari adventure?

I was so lucky to spend December 2019/ January 2020 in beautiful country of Namibia. Many places I have visited in Namibia but today I am showing you my pictures diary from Erindi Game Reserve.

It was my first time to fly to Namibia and visiting my boyfriend and his family. First thing we had done after I landed is we drove to this beautiful resort.

From the first second I stepped out from the car I felt so peaceful as all you could hear was silence and birds. Just stunning. After we checked in at the reception they showed us our amazing apartment where we will stay in for the next few days . It was beautiful, very Africa-style and very luxurious. After we left our luggages we proceeded to have lunch on a beautiful terrace where you see elephants, crocodiles and giraffes while you eating . Never experienced this before and I was in love already with Namibia .

The next morning we had scheduled safari drive which was my first safari experience. I was so ready and even the morning was very chilly I couldn’t hide my excitement. The drive was successful we managed to see giraffes, impalas, rhinos, leopard and after few hours of drive we finally got to the place where lions were laying there hidden . I can’t say I was very comfortable with sitting in the open car surrounded with lions but it was big time experience and I faced my fears.

Overall this experience and stay in Erindi was amazing and even though I was always ‘beach’ person when it comes to vacation- I would always go on Safari again….and again!

Thank you for reading and please share your experience in comments below if you have safari experience!

Enjoy in pictures diary from Erindi. Until next time xx


Vienna Trip

Hello lovelies!!

I am finally back on blog and ready to share my picture diary from stunning Vienna, Austria.

Have you even visited before this lovely city before

I am so lucky to get the chance to travel so much but must say that after seeing so many countries and cities Vienna left very strong impression on me .

I had a chance to visit Schönbrunn Palace, Albertina museum, downtown of Vienna

It is full of tourists from all different countries, language they speak is German and you can find citizens from Germany, Balkan countries and Turkey as well.

Enjoy in pictures and let me know if you visited Vienna before

For more pictures follow me on instagram zorana_bosnjakov

Thank you for reading and let me know your experience.xx


Top 5 ‘vacation destinations’ in Europe

Summer is coming and we are already thinking about the places we can visit and  where to spent our vacation. Here is my TOP LIST, places where I’ve been and definitely will visit again and  from my “summer bucket list” .

GREECE – This country is one of my favorite to go. Every time I’ve been here it was absolutely blast. National food, music, surrounded with Aegean and Ionian sea and every place you chose it will be amazing, everywhere is different, however my suggestion for Greece would be Mykonos and Santorini. santorini-view

CROATIA – This country is close to my home but somehow I’ve been there only once. I  have visited Dubrovnik and completely fell in love with this city.  Beautiful Adriatic sea , Old city of Dubrovnik, it is also a port so cruise ships are visiting this city very often. There is a lot of things to do and visit , just made for a completely wonderful vacation. 00-lede-dubrovnik-croatia-travel-guide

My next choice is CADIZ – city in southern Spain. It is located in Andalucía. City is a combination of modern and traditional, surrounded with a large beaches, restaurants everywhere and downtown located in the “old town”. cadiz

ISOLA D’ELBA – This magical place deserves to be in my ‘top 5’ definitely. In a case you never heard for this city, it is  an island located in the Tuscany-  Italy.  It is the 3rd largest island after Sicily and Sardinia. . It is located in the Tyrrhenian Sea about 50km east of the French island of Corsica. I fell in love with Elba because of amazing demography, beautiful views and lovely beaches everywhere around. Toscane-1

THE GULF OF KOTOR- MONTENEGRO – Definitely should be on your Bucket list, after you see picture bellow you will realize why. Blue Adriatic sea surrounded with the beautiful mountains  around giving us this stunning  view. It is becoming popular destinations every year,  I am sure it will become soon one of the most visited world destinations. Bay-of-Kotor-Montenegro-770x430kotor-montenegro

Thank you for reading, you are more then welcome to give your opinion. Until next time, stay amazing XX

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