Build Successful Career: 3 Ways to Achieve it

There is no doubt that we all tend to be successful whether in work, love, parenting or something else. There are 3 areas of success to reach for if you want all-round happiness, fulfilment and prosperity. Learn today what they are and how you can achieve the work-life balance you dream of.

  1. Find your purpose – Believe it or not we all have been born with a certain purpose and meaning. Because of you someone’s life is meant to be better, nicer, easier. We are here to serve and help each other. We all have different paths and destinies but once we realise what we are meant to be, how to help the world to get better and fulfil ourselves with something we enjoy doing- our career can start from there. Make a difference. Change people’s lives.
  2. Be ready to learn & Set your goals – Even you don’t want to admit it- you can never know everything. Very important is to never stop learning and growing your mindset. Nowadays there is so many ways with internet, webinars and seminars, courses.. There is no excuse to stop developing. Next thing super important is to set your goals and timeline for achieving it. My best advice is to use journal/ planer and ensure to write everything in with a dates for achieving.
  3. Take initiative and get out from your comfort zone- Well this was always the ‘hardest’ step to make for everyone. But just think. Do you want to own your businesses? Do you want to become entrepreneur ? Well now is the right moment. Stop waiting until you have all in place. Stop waiting for the ‘right’ time to start because it will never come. Take initiative, believe in yourself, in your product and start showing up like you already have it. The universe will then ensure to make it truth. So don’t wait ‘tomorrow’. Today is the day .

Thank you so much for reading. Let me know of you liked it and looking forward to your feedback.

Love, Zorana XX


My Top 7 Stress Management Tips

Hello my dearest people, it is always amazing to be back here . Today I want to share my top secrets to reduce stress and deal with the stress in general. Being in a management position in the company I work I have definitely faced stress in many ways and sometimes on a daily basis. To keep sane this 7 tricks/ tips helped me so much and I am so grateful for it !

  1. Weekend gateway

I know this is not simple to do each time you feel stressed or unhappy but I promise you if you start doing this once a month you will recover and recharge for the following period. The best part is- this doesn’t have to be expensive or you have to stay in hotels/ exotic places. Instead of that visit your family and friends around the country where you live or book some village rustic house / lodges. You will have fun by seeing the people you love and at the same time you are changing the environment.

2. Party planing for family or friends

My second favourite thing is to make people happy. Someone has a birthday soon, bachelor party or baby shower? Use this event to put positive focus on it and distress your mind from your own ‘problems’ . Once you see their happy and content faces you will feel so special.

3. Cycling

This is one of my favourite physical activity to do. You burn calories, activate all muscles and by doing it your endorphin goes up and at the same time your stress level goes down . Any other activity is recommended such as dancing, running or exercising in general. You just need to chose your favourite one !

4. Pampering

Oh I love to pamper myself ! Every time I have a ‘bad’ day this fixes everything and I would feel instant rejuvenated. So fill up your bathtub put some nourishing mask on your face, play some relaxing spa music and enjoy in moment.

5. Read a book or listen some motivational podcast

Books are so important for mental health and so healing. I enjoy reading motivational books based on self-esteem and law of attraction. In a case I don’t have the time to read but doing some activity I would put my headsets and listen some good podcast.

6. Practise kindness- give what you have

It is very simple, by giving you will make someone happy and will come back to you multiplied. If you have love inside yourself- give love . Give kindness. Help older people. Do small things for someone. Give care for animals. Give your old clothes to the ones who needs. There is so many ways to be kind and certainly it is not easy in 2020 to be all this but just give what you have. Even a smile to a sad stranger passing by . After all you will feel so good and that is all that matters.

7. Movie night in a cozy bed with candles

I am personally loving this so much. Popcorn in combination with some comedy or a Hallmark movie = stress relief guaranteed.

So my dear readers this was my top 7 favourite things to do for distressing my mind. I am sure we all have different ways and I would love to hear yours below ๐Ÿ™‚

Thank you for reading and thank you for being amazing !

Love, Zorana XX


Top 5 Beauty Hacks: Get That Flawless Look

Hello my lovelies how are you doing today ? Welcome back to my blog and today I have decided to talk about my top 5 favourite beauty rituals and they are definitely ‘must know ‘ and a life changing .

I am a huge believer that beauty is coming inside out and it is essential to take care of what we put in our body, therefore to find the balance of what we eat /drink and how we treat our skin . Let’s get straight away into it and you will see why they are my magical ‘top 5’

  1. Turmeric face mask – I have discover this hack only this year but is is phenomenal and with the reason is my number one. If you didn’t know turmeric is an Indian spice used in a food as well as plenty of medications thanks to anti-inflammatory effect. It is an effective remedy for treating any skin problems such as acne, blackheads, blemishes, pigmentation, oily skin and other skin issues. The way to make it : Take one full tea spoon of turmeric powder and mix it with little bit of water and honey . Apply on your face and leave it for 20 minutes. Afterwards wash it of and do your normal skin routine with the toner and moisturiser . For the best results I normally use it for 3-4 times a week .
  2. Panthenol face cream – Oh this is so magical and the best thing is- It is very affordable . The main ingredient is B5 vitamin which stabilises the skin’s barrier function, reducing the amount of water lost through the skin. This, in turn, improves skin texture and elasticity, making Panthenol ideal for treating dry, scaly or coarse skin. Mature skin perceived smoother and more supple. It is also great to use if you have sunburns or after the laser facial treatment and with that being said – it is must in every home pharmacy .
  3. Scalp massage for massive hair growth – This is so easy but we never find the time to do it right ? There is 2 options what yo can do . First one is to use some hair oil before washing and massage into the scalp for minimum 15 minutes. This actually increases the blood circulation and speeds up the hair growth. Second option is to massage your scalp while you are shampooing your hair . The longer – the better. Try this amazing hack and thank me later .
  4. Sunscreen factor 50…for your hands – Yes you read well ! If you are still doubting let me ask you – what is the area on our body that ages first ? Yes hands is the right answer . This my beauty hack which I have learned from my dermatologist and as sun causes premature ageing, you need to ensure every time you apply sunscreen on your face- to apply on your hands as well. You don’t want your hands to look old in compering with the rest of the body trust me !
  5. White Egg face mask DIY – Last one is this amazing face mask . It targets the pores and if your skin is not the best one but you need to look glowing try this DIY face mask. It gives amazing results brightening the skin and tightening the pores . All you need to do is separate white from yellow egg. Mix it until becomes bubbling and then apply on your T zone . Leave it for 15 minutes and wash it off.

That would be my top 5 comment below and let me know what are your favourites . As always, thank you so much for reading and I am more than happy to connect with you ๐Ÿ™‚

Untill tomorrow, stay beautiful !

Zorana xo


Get Paid to Do What You Love

Hmmm, how this sounds to you ? Reachable or not ? Realistic or not so ? Lately I have been following Marisa Peer who I found very inspirational and my journal is full of notes and wisdom I will be sharing with you .

Many of us have an amazing idea or a dream job but in reality we don’t know how to monetise it .Did you know that 80% of financial success is mindset ?

To monetise yourself you need 3 things :

1.Mindset that says “I am going to make it. I deserve to make it It is not enough to only have a dream and sit at home and visualise it . Once you have the right mindset and set your goals – you need to take an action and work on them .

2. You must have work ethic

The best plan in the world won’t work if you don’t. Imagine the writer who finishes his book but never have courage to publish. Will it work ? Absolutely not . If we take a writer as example, writing the book is possibly the easiest thing – he would need to put an extra wok to publish and then promote, connect with the people, do the reading etc. So as you can see being successful it is not easy for sure, but if it was easy anyone would do it right? Now, you might have an idea of what would you like it but there is a fear because of that already existing or someone else invented it already . So what ? Some most successful businesses people didn’t invent anything new but guess what , they took already existing thing and improved it and made it better . They were paid double more and had success . The point is everything is possible once you decide to follow your goals, dedicate and work hard for it . Your potential expands as you move towards your goals .

3. Keep using the mindset of success and remind yourself you are worth it

Nothing can’t come to you if you are not feeling like you are worth it. Not love, health, happiness, success or money . Self- love and self- acceptance brings you to the confidence that helps you to achieve your goals. Remember that you will be rejected many times and that is the part of the self-growth . Did you know that J.K. Rowling was rejected 12 times before she published her books where she experienced massive worldwide success with ‘Harry Potter ” . Did she stop herself after a first rejection ? No ! She bounced back from rejection and kept self confidence that she can do it because she knew she was worth it .

To sum up all together we all need determination, self acceptance and work ethic to succeed. All of us were born with the mission to serve and enjoy in it. We were not born to work the job we don’t like and than die. We are more than that . Find your purpose and make your dream life from it .

Thank you so much for reading . If you liked this post comment below and let me know and share if you think it will help someone . And if you are first reading my blog – welcome !! am happy to connect with you ๐Ÿ™‚

Untill next post , stay safe Xx



Greece : Top 5 โ€˜Must Visitโ€™ Vacation Places

In this pandemic where the whole world is facing the same – I hope you are holding up and keep being positive and healthy. We all know tourism is facing the biggest challenges in the history and the travels / vacations might be delayed however one day soon we will go back to normal lives . Certainly one of my favorite countries ever vacation vise is Greece and I am very passionate about it – this is the country I could go back over again . We all have heard of absolutely stunning Mykonos and Santorini however I want to introduce you my favorites which are not featured enough. Here comes top 5 cities you must visit if Greece is on your bucket list.

1. Parga – This city is located in the northwestern Greece and itโ€™s surrounded with Ionian sea. I have spent 10 days in this paradise and had a total blast . Very unique place, calming and stunning. Over 3 beautiful beaches with the bar and the restaurant as well as small shopping street full of tourists. You have it all: beautiful beaches, good food and if you are adventurer there is many places to explore .

2. Sarti- This is absolutely beautiful place if you are looking for a long sandy beaches and pure relaxation. It is family place for parents with children as well as older generations are choosing it mostly. Sarti is known as a village and located in Sithonia . Have a look how beautiful it is .

3. Corfu- It is a large island with historic sites, including city & temple ruins, plus museums, resorts & beaches. It is also a port for many cruise ships and with that being said it is full of tourists. Many things to see and definitely 10 days of vacation and would be combination of beaches and exploring of historical places .

4. Thasos- Located in the Aegean Sea Greek island with beautiful beaches, hiking paths & mountainous quaint villages. Beautiful place for the families, friends and couples.

5. Skiathos- Last but not least is an island in the northwest Aegean Sea, is part of the Sporades archipelago. Itโ€™s best known for its beaches and youth-driven nightlife scene. The action centers around Skiathos Town, where bars and restaurants spill onto sidewalks along the old harbor and Papadiamanti street, the main pedestrian thoroughfare. Between town and the airport are many open-air, waterfront clubs.

Overall summary of Greece is 10 out of 10 and as I have already mentioned I will go back again. Thank you so much for reading and looking forward for your feedback .

Until next post. Stay safe xx


5 Tips for Massive Instant Change

Hello everyone ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope you are having the best day and very successful week so far.

Here comes the 5 tips which highly successful people are implementing daily . I must say each of these steps has the point and once you dedicate yourself to follow it and be consistent – success is inevitable .

  1. Do what you do not want to do to get where you want to be – Of course if it was easy to do all of needed things and get it done – everyone would do it . Famous athletes , businessman, and all successful people are getting up early and getting things done. Do they like to do it all he time ? For sure not . However sacrificing current pleasure for a long term benefits always pays off. Think about the things you don’t like to do and push yourself to do it . Personal tip: All the things you don’t like to do-do it first thing in a day as this will help you to boost your productivity and you will have that feeling of being proud of yourself.
  2. Take action every single day towards your goals – Even if is small in the beginning – it will make huge difference in general . Success is what you do daily and consistently . Your habits will create your reality . Even 30 min exercising, reading, gardening etc. will make yo feel productive and boost your confidence with it .
  3. Bounce back from rejection – Everyone get rejected minimum one in the life. The opinion of others doesn’t define one . You need to know who you really are and never take it personally . Hearing NO is meant to make you stronger and even more determined to show who you truly are and succeed no mater what .
  4. You must grow your praise muscle – You cannot wait for others to tell you how amazing you are . You must praise yourself daily and use self affirmation to remind yourself how worthy and special you are . You must be your own biggest supporter and cheerleader. It is fantastic when someone else praises you but once you get to the point where you praise yourself because you know how important and sensational you are- it becomes priceless.
  5. Read more – All successful people have a lot of things in common, but one of the biggest is reading . Once we finish with the schools and colleges that doesn’t mean we are done with learning. A human being learns the entire life. Today you can find many books in libraries and even if you don’t have the time ( you always need to find the time for yourself even min a day ) however next great thing are podcasts. Put your airpods and listen while you are cooking, running, driving … It is that simple. You just need to prioritise what is important and take action .

I really hope this advises finds you well and you find the inspiration to start with your journey of success .

Thank you so much for reading X



The Power of Affirmations: Make Them Work for You

Hello lovely people and happy Monday!

“Every thought we think and every word we speak is creating our future ” – Louise Hay

We all have heard of the power of positive thinking . Do we believe in it or not it is our right . However there is no doubts that something called ‘Affirmations ‘ does exists and weather we are having ‘bad’ or ‘good’ thoughts- they are shaping our reality .

How many times did you wake up in the morning, snoozed your alarm, were unhappy because you have to get up …and suddenly your day turns to be disaster… Familiar ?

We all gone through that stage and from there we can only work towards to change those habits and start looking positively . The happiest people knows that happiness is inner work and it starts with our thoughts.

Self-talk is very important and the way we talk to ourselves is shaping our life and beliefs . Sometimes when we start this journey with changing the way we think doesn’t always works because of the way we are saying it. When we say it, we have to believe in it .

This actually works very simple, however it is not that easy for everyone. The words you are saying on daily basis your brain thinks are truth, so whether you are saying ”I can’t” or ”I can ” you are right – it becomes your truth .


As I mentioned already, the words shape your reality and take a moment to review your day and the words said …How they sound ? Are the words empowering ? Or they are sabotaging you ?

All self-affirmation words must be repeated few times a day. The more you say it- the more you will believe in it . When I started this journey it wasn’t that easy . However I done morning meditations with positive affirmations and I would also repeated in the evening as when you listen it while you are asleep it goes to your subconscious mind.

Now finally let’s start a challenge . For the next 28 days I want you to take responsibility for your life and start creating the future you want with the words you are saying . Below affirmation I want you to write on paper and put on your night table, write on the mirror , put on your screensaver of your phone/laptop… This is needed as we are visuals as a humans an will remind you to repeat them.

Enjoy in this journey of self-growth and self-love. Start today. Start right now.












Thank you so much for reading and I am sure you will succeed so update me below in comments i want to hear your journey.

Until next post, remember: You are magnificent .

Love, Zorana


Self-love : You Must be the 1st on Your List

In the next few posts I will give attention to self-improvement and self-love which I think it i crucial and very important in having mindful life full of happiness and success.

Lately and very often I am seeing people putting their needs on the side because of someone or something else. This is definitely not the path will bring you to your ‘perfect’ life.


Well, not necessarily . By all means we are talking here about healthy selfishness. Have you ever heard the saying ” Once you love yourself, the rest of the world will fall in love with you ” ? That is exactly what is my point. You can’t be happy by leaving yourself at the last place and prioritise someone else . No one ever . Are you a parent ? That is amazing. And of course you children will be priority. However healthy selfishness reminds you to still find time for yourself. This doesn’t mean you are bad parent. This means you are still following your passion and doing the things you love and make you feel content which will come at point that you become even greater parent and role model to your children.


You need to understand that you can’t please everyone and that is the fact. If you are not feeling of doing something or going somewhere it is OK to say no ,


This is so important . That moment when you stay just with your minds and do something you love, meditate, exercise, have a bath, read, write a journal, have a cup of tea or coffee, glass of wine, watch movie…..Whatever makes you happy ! This will refill your energy and give you extra strength for the rest of the day .





Please let me know in comments below of what do you think of this topic and what topic you would like me to cover .

Lots of Love !

Back to School : Self-Love Campaigns โ€” La Voix des Jeunes



Help Your Skin to Heal Naturally

Naturally, organic, inside out … we definitely hear a lot of these lately.

Almost 90% of population suffer from skin conditions such as eczema. acne, tired or dull skin, pimples, cysts and breakouts… All this conditions are trying to ‘tell us ‘ that something is happening in our body. Reasons can vary from the hormonal changes, gut problems to skin bacteria and the medication for all this concerns is -believe it or not..in food.

However it really makes the difference when you put in your body superfood which I will mention it in this post . Personally i have noticed huge difference in my skin health since consuming this magical food. Let’s start.

  1. TURMERIC- This magically spice comes all the way from India. We use it in the kitchen with not even knowing his healing benefits on our body and skin. You may want to try aย turmericย faceย maskย to help reduce acne and any resulting scars. The anti-inflammatory qualities can target your pores and calm theย skin.ย Turmericย is also known to reduce scarring. This combination of uses may help your face clear up from acne breakouts. Mix one tea spoon of turmeric powder with little water/ honey or lemon juice. Apply on the clean face and leave it for 20 min before you rinse it off. For stronger benefits on your skin and overall health you should drink turmeric and mix one tea spoon with your tea, water or make popular Turmeric Latte.
  2. PEPPERMINT TEA- This tea is well known but did you know that peppermint tea actually can help to reduce hormonal imbalance ? 1- 2 cups of tea per day will have major benefits on your skin. The best to drink is before bed time and the tea is also calming and will help with sleep.
  3. LEMON WATER – Lemons are loaded with vitamin C in high concentration, which is the main ingredient in the formation of collagen in the body. Drinking lemon water can induce skin cells to detox and force out impurities and sweat which can clog pores. The best way is to drink one glass in the morning on empty stomach. And remember : for the best benefits drink warm water with lemon.
  4. CELERY JUICE – Celery juice packs multiple nutrients that supportย skin health , such as fiber, magnesium, zinc, and vitamins A, B, C, and K. Millions of people around the world are drinking celery juice in the morning on empty stomach and witnesses amazing differences and skin cures . To make celery juice follow this steps :
  1. Wash 3โ€“4 celery stalks under running water, removing any leaves to decrease bitterness.
  2. Cut the stalks into small pieces.
  3. Add celery to the blender and blend until smooth.
  4. Place a strainer over a wide glass and pour the mixture into the strainer, pressing down to squeeze out as much liquid as possible. The juice will collect in the glass.

5. SMOOTHIES – This drink is delicious and healing . The best thing is you can mix whatever you like and make your favourite fruit or veggie drink. My favourite smoothie is mix of banana, blueberries and strawberries. It tastes great and it is good to drink between the meals . Ensure not to add any additional sugar as raffinate sugar is bad for the skin health.

That would be my top 5 and I am recommending everyone to start the journey with healing inside out .

Tell me your thoughts on this topic below in comments.

Lots of love, until next time XX


Seagull Beach Resort in Hurghada – Hotel Review

Good Morning beautiful people ! How are you holding up today?

As you know the Egypt travel destination within the days are becoming more and more popular so I have decided to share my experience from the hotel Seagull Beach Resort.

This beautiful hotel is located in Hurghada at the beach and it is deluxe with 4 stars . So letโ€™s start from beginning!

On our first day we have arrived to the huge hotel lobby and proceeded to reception to check in. After all was done the employee took our luggages and guided us to our room with a sea view. As I was traveling with mother we had 2 queen beds, sofa, plasma tv, work desk with huge mirror, bathroom with big glass shower and a stunning balcony with a sea view as I have requested.

Upon arrival we had a hotel tour where we could see 2 pools , kids aqua park, and many restaurants outside and inside so you could chose where you would like to have your lunch. Breakfast is served inside 2 buildings as well as dinner. Just in the middle of resort there is a high tower where you could book your dinner for one of the days and experience Egyptian music and dance . This was one of the best experiences and I definitely recommend this .

This hotel has it all and it really is โ€˜all inclusiveโ€™. During the day you can enjoy at the stunning beaches or pools, have a drinks or ice cream . You chose where you will eat single time and if you like Arabic kitchen- itโ€™s there. If you like Italian kitchen, again- itโ€™s there.

Entertainment is there all day and evening along so you can play sports on the beach or have water aerobics. In the evenings there is a show in the open theater where you can rest your mind and have some fun afterwards in the garden with live music.

For additional cost: if you like the Spa – hotel offers it as well. It is your choice to chose the type of massage and let the therapists do their job to make you feel better .

We had spent 10 days in this beautiful hotel and I can say I had a great time and fun. All hotel staff were very professional and they really give effort to make the guests vacation enjoyable and fun.

Hotel has it all , you will also find there excursion guides where you can book excursions to see the Paradise beach, safari in desert or travel to see the pyramids.

Overall experience: Outstanding .

For families with kids, adults and honeymooners!

Value for Money: Yes .

Would I book again soon this hotel: Yes.

Thank you all for reading and you are more than welcome to post any questions in comments.

Until next time.

Love, Zorana XX


Beauty Products: Must Have!

In the โ€˜oceanโ€™ of cosmetic brands and industry we really have a hard times to chose the right ones. It is not easy especially if you have acne prone skin you have to pay attention to the ingredients inside.

I got the chance to try so many and want to share my absolute top 5.

1. Estรฉe Lauder- double wear foundation : This is my favorite makeup product ever. By having problematic skin I had a trouble finding the right one. This magical foundation covers literally everything. I tried from Maybeline, Rimmel to Hudda, Channel …this one remained number one!

2. Eucerin Oil Control 50 spf – The most important thing in beauty is to protect skin from the sun. I think majority of dermatologist will agree with me how big is this step and shouldnโ€™t be skipped . Sun in general is not good for the skin and make the skin age way faster. Even on a cloudy day facial sun protect is must.

3. Estรฉe Lauder- Sumptuous Extreme mascara: One more product from this brand itโ€™s mascara. This is not sponsored post however it happens that I have plenty of their products. This mascara lifts up my lashes and make them fabulously long. Definitely my favorite so far .

4. Elemis Peptide 4 Night Recovery Cream-Oil : This product is magical I swear. If you donโ€™t have long sleep or you just have tired and dull skin- this does miracles. Makes the skin stunning in the morning and completely recovered. For all skin types.

5. Vaseline for Lips- As I have extremely dry lips most of the times it was very hard for me find the right lip balm which helps . My dermatologist recommended me to try Vaseline and canโ€™t explain how much this helped me and recover my lips . So if you have dry lips definitely consider tryin this. The good thing is you can find in every pharmacy and it is very affordable.

Well that would be my top 5 products I canโ€™t live without. Let me know below if you have tried any of these and you are more than welcome to give me new beauty ideas .

Thanks for reading. Until next time. Stay awesome xx


How to be Successful : 5 Steps You Must Follow

Hello everyone ! I hope you are having a wonderful day today!

Success… Don’t you have a feeling you hear it everywhere lately ? But what does success really means ? What is success for me does it have to be for you as well ? Let’s chat about this .

Why some people are successful and others don’t make it ? As for everything in this world success also requires dedication and some very important ‘rules’ . Let’s break it down.

  1. Set up your goals : Let’s be honest: you can’t achieve a goal without having one. Deep down we all know why we are here, what is our purpose and what we want to do. It is not always easy to figure out but I would say: follow your intuition . It is okay to be happy with one job now and then to want more/ or change your mind as through our life we grow and our goals are becoming different . So get yourself a journal / planner and write down your goals, what makes you happy and what you want to achieve in the next timeline .
  2. Establish your routine : If you speak to any of successful persons they will tell you that they have established routine. So what does this means ? At first make sure you wake up and go to bed every day at the same times . Next thing to watch on is your thoughts in the morning. Weather you wake up happy and grateful or moody and unhappy – this will set up the tone for the rest of the day . 99% of successful people have some kind of exercise in the morning/ yoga/ or meditation . Whatever you chose will benefits you for a long term in future.
  3. Consistency: It is very simple, if you want to be successful – you must be consistent . If you think this is the easiest part – you are wrong . Being consistent requires dedication and discipline . A lot of people fail on this step . I will always remember the words of my first manager back in a days when I was assistant : ” If it was easy everyone would do it ” . Think of it.
  4. Have a vision : You must have vision of your goals and remind yourself daily. This will help you visualise it and give you positive vibration . What also can help you is vision board – put on your ideals, goals ( work vise, dream house, beautiful relationship, fitness , hair…anything) and you will see it as first thing in the morning. You can keep in your room or office .
  5. Work hard for it : Now once we have all steps in place – this one can’t be left out . Whatever you want to achieve you must work for it and being consistent on a daily basis. If you want to be lean and fit- you must workout . If you want to be successful blogger you must create quality content … for each goal applies the same rules. And remember to not give up . It takes 21 day to create a new habit . In this time your body and mind will try to sabotage you but you must get up and do it until you have formed new habit .

Good Luck and let me know how was your path to success !

Until next time XX



From Namibia with Love

Hello lovelies, how are doing today ? I hope you are having fabulous day no matter where you are located in this colourful world.

I am back with my part 2 Namibian vacation. As i have already mentioned in my previous blog I have spent end of December 2019/ January 2020 in this beautiful sunny country . The capital city is stunning Windhoek.

I certainly love to travel the world however Namibia was never on my bucket list before I have met my boyfriend . Now, after I have visited many places across the country I can say that Namibia is the country i would go back again and again.

One of my favourite cities is Swakopmund. This city is located on the coast with Atlantic ocean and Namibian desert . It is very seasonal and during the Christmas holidays when is summer in Namibia this city is full of tourists . It offers stunning views from the desert, drive through it and riding camels, beaches and amazing beach-restaurants, shopping and many accommodations where you can stay .  img_8305img_8375



My second favorite thing in Namibia is that they have so many safari lodges where you can have weekend gateway of proper vacation.

Second lodge we went is Namushasha River Lodge .

It is located on the north very close to the border with Botswana.

I was very excited for this vacation as this lodge offers everything. Breakfast and dinner plus lunch from menu to order . It offers river sundown cruises where you can see hippos in the water. Stunning pool is there where guests can come and relax as well as huge terrace where we watched popular Namibian sunsets. Not far away from the lodge is National Park where we drove with our car and seen so many wild animals.

My picture diary from Namushasha is below and you are more than welcome to post additional questions.

If you are doubting visiting Namibia or not – my best advice to you is to go ahead and have memorable adventures in this country.

From Namibia with Love, Zorana XX


Safari in Africa

Hello beautiful people how are you doing today ? Are you ready for safari adventure?

I was so lucky to spend December 2019/ January 2020 in beautiful country of Namibia. Many places I have visited in Namibia but today I am showing you my pictures diary from Erindi Game Reserve.

It was my first time to fly to Namibia and visiting my boyfriend and his family. First thing we had done after I landed is we drove to this beautiful resort.

From the first second I stepped out from the car I felt so peaceful as all you could hear was silence and birds. Just stunning. After we checked in at the reception they showed us our amazing apartment where we will stay in for the next few days . It was beautiful, very Africa-style and very luxurious. After we left our luggages we proceeded to have lunch on a beautiful terrace where you see elephants, crocodiles and giraffes while you eating . Never experienced this before and I was in love already with Namibia .

The next morning we had scheduled safari drive which was my first safari experience. I was so ready and even the morning was very chilly I couldnโ€™t hide my excitement. The drive was successful we managed to see giraffes, impalas, rhinos, leopard and after few hours of drive we finally got to the place where lions were laying there hidden . I canโ€™t say I was very comfortable with sitting in the open car surrounded with lions but it was big time experience and I faced my fears.

Overall this experience and stay in Erindi was amazing and even though I was always โ€˜beachโ€™ person when it comes to vacation- I would always go on Safari again….and again!

Thank you for reading and please share your experience in comments below if you have safari experience!

Enjoy in pictures diary from Erindi. Until next time xx


Vienna Trip

Hello lovelies!!

I am finally back on blog and ready to share my picture diary from stunning Vienna, Austria.

Have you even visited before this lovely city before

I am so lucky to get the chance to travel so much but must say that after seeing so many countries and cities Vienna left very strong impression on me .

I had a chance to visit Schรถnbrunn Palace, Albertina museum, downtown of Vienna

It is full of tourists from all different countries, language they speak is German and you can find citizens from Germany, Balkan countries and Turkey as well.

Enjoy in pictures and let me know if you visited Vienna before

For more pictures follow me on instagram zorana_bosnjakov

Thank you for reading and let me know your experience.xx


Top 5 ‘vacation destinations’ in Europe

Summer is coming and we are already thinking about the places we can visit andย  where to spent our vacation. Here is my TOP LIST, places where I’ve been and definitely will visit again andย  from my “summer bucket list” .

GREECE – This country is one of my favorite to go. Every time I’ve been here it was absolutely blast. National food, music, surrounded with Aegean and Ionian sea and every place you chose it will be amazing, everywhere is different, however my suggestion for Greece would be Mykonos and Santorini.ย santorini-view

CROATIA –ย This country is close to my home but somehow I’ve been there only once. Iย  have visited Dubrovnik and completely fell in love with this city.ย  Beautiful Adriatic sea , Old city of Dubrovnik, it is also a port so cruise ships are visiting this city very often. There is a lot of things to do and visit , just made for a completely wonderful vacation.ย 00-lede-dubrovnik-croatia-travel-guide

My next choice is CADIZ – city in southern Spain. It is located in Andalucรญa. City is a combination of modern and traditional, surrounded with a large beaches, restaurants everywhere and downtown located in the “old town”. cadiz

ISOLA D’ELBAย – This magical place deserves to be in my ‘top 5’ definitely. In a case you never heard for this city, it isย  an island located in the Tuscany-ย  Italy.ย  It is the 3rd largest island after Sicily and Sardinia.ย . It is located in the Tyrrhenian Sea about 50km east of the French island of Corsica. I fell in love with Elba because of amazing demography, beautiful views and lovely beaches everywhere around.ย Toscane-1

THE GULF OF KOTOR- MONTENEGROย – Definitely should be on your Bucket list, after you see picture bellow you will realize why. Blue Adriatic sea surrounded with the beautiful mountainsย  around giving us this stunningย  view. It is becoming popular destinations every year,ย  I am sure it will become soon one of the most visited world destinations.ย Bay-of-Kotor-Montenegro-770x430kotor-montenegro

Thank you for reading, you are more then welcome to give your opinion. Until next time, stay amazing XX

โ€˜Beโ€™ What You Want to Become

It is so simple. But sometimes the most simple things are hardest to realize. How many times we want to become โ€˜thisโ€™ and โ€˜thatโ€™ and at the end we give up as we donโ€™t see any results right away. Well good thing is that results take time and if we are consistent we will see eventually.


This never disappoints. Whatever you put into yourself – it will come back double. If you eat unhealthy food you will get it back with excess weight. If you are eating healthy you will receive health and wellness. Work hard, stay consistent and be successful. You always have a choice. Read a books. Invest in your skincare. Exercise. Be kind. It will come back to you double.


It is so important how you see yourself. Have a vision. A dream. Work hard for it. Picture yourself in all situations you want to be and always have in your head life you want to live. Write it down. Make a vision board. Anything what can help you to keep your focus on it.


Letโ€™s give example: if you are on position of a assistant manager in one company and want to become a manager, act as you already are. You are a manager, it is all up to you . Go for shopping and get โ€˜thatโ€™ dress which you will wear for your first day as a manager. Look yourself in the mirror and feel the vibe. You already are what you want to become.


After all hard work and dedication, visualization and commitment- ensure you are joyful on your way to everything you want. This will make your life easier as you are doing everything you like and put you on โ€˜high vibrationโ€™ where all your dreams come true.

Never stop dreaming. Never stop having big goals- that is the only way to achieve it.

Love, Zorana X

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